Galatea of the Spheres (1952)

Galatea of the Spheres (1952)

This painting shows the woman, who is Dali’s wife, with a serene and elegant look on her face, yet she is decimating into hundreds of circular spheres, or “fragile atomic particles,” which will ultimately end up all over the universe. Some attribute Dali’s use of the spheres to his love and fascination with nuclear physics later in his life. The way her hair appears to still be attached to her head, yet it is still blowing and waving around, makes the painting ever more relaxing. Along with the blending and smearing of colors, her hair and his technique increases the effects of the spheres and their movement, helping Dali establish an environment in motion. The colors of the sky and, what seems like the sea, increases the peacefulness of the painting and creates a nice background for the fairness of her skin. The focus of the painting is clearly Gala, but the distribution of the colors allows the eye to move all over the central theme of the painting.

3D Animation of Galatea of the Spheres shows just how complicated this work was and really exemplifies Dali’s artistic capability and creativity.

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