A Choreographer’s Creative Process in Real Time

A Choreographer’s Creative Process in Real Time

Wayne McGregor creates an intricate phrase (routine) using the seemingly trivial word TED. He takes the word and gives it its own life. Then, he focuses in on an “aspect” of the word, say a letter, and he creates something out of it. When he explains it, you can see what he was thinking and why he is moving his arms, his legs, and his body the way he does. The phrase he creates clearly shows architectural movement related to the letter and thus, the word. He is able to give the dance dimensions, making it more in depth. He encourages the audience to make a dance if their own, and if they refuse to do so, then to “at least misbehave more beautifully more often.” I used to dance, and I have not always understood the choreography, so this video was very insightful and gave me a bit of a nice peek into the mind of a choreographer.


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